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*menu is subject to change  |  menu by chef Alex Casey

all vegetable omelet onions tomato spinach peppers mushrooms with skillet potatoes
Loaded Omelette $13
bacon, cheddar, spinach, onions, peppers, tomato, sausage with skillet potatoes
Acosta $13
smoked cheddar, sweet ham, folded into an omelette, dollop of two thousand island, skillet potatoes
The Arlington (V) $12
all vegetable omelette, onions, tomato, spinach, peppers mushrooms with skillet potatoes
Open Face Crab Omelette $18
spinach, onions, tomato, goat cheese, jumbo lump crab, with skillet potatoes
Breakfast Your Way $13
two eggs - any style | choice of meat: bacon, turkey bacon, sausage | choice of toast: white, wheat, or biscuit | skillet potatoes
Steak and Eggs $18
4 oz local grilled sirloin by Old Towne Butcher, two eggs, toast, skillet potatoes | add mushroom and onion $3
Biscuits and Gravy $15
two of our biscuits, sausage gravy, potatoes, two eggs and bacon
Avocado Toast (V) $12
wheat bread, goat cheese, pickled onions, tomato
Chicken Minis $12
three fried chicken tenders tossed in special sauce on top of three of our biscuits
Rise and Shine Sammie $14
griddled toast, bacon, sausage, two eggs, american cheese, skillet potatoes
Ice Cream For Breakfast (N) $13
hot thick french toast, nutella butter, topped with vanilla ice cream and fruit
Smokin' Hash $12
skillet potatoes, bacon, onions, peppers, tomato, sour cream, sunny side up egg, smoked cheddar cheese
Sleeping Beauty $15
crispy tots, smothered in sausage gravy, garnished with an open face omelet with bacon, onions, peppers, cheese
avocado spread wheat bread goat cheese pickled onions tomato


Sierra Nevada Brew Co., Hazy Little Thing IPA $6.99
Chico, CA ABV 6.7%
Bud Light $4.99
Willamsburg, VA, ABV 4.20%
Blue Moon $4.99
Denver, CO, ABV 4.2%
Infinite Monkey $5.99


White Claw Mango, Black Cherry $4.99
100 calories, ABV 5.00%
Guiness Stout $6.99
Dublin, ABV 4.2%
Guiness Stout $6.99
Dublin, ABV 4.2%
Purple Monkey Dishwasher $5.99
Peanut Butter Porter, Evil Genius, Philly, PA, ABV 6.7%
Elbow Patches $5.99
Oatmeal Stout, Williamsburg, VA, ABV 6.0%
Space Dust Double IPA $6.99
Elysian Brew CO. ABV 8.2%

Bottle Beer

Coors Light $3.99
Elkton, VA, ABV 4.2%
Michelob Ultra $3.99
Williamsburg, VA, ABV 4.20%
Corona Extra $4.99
Mexico City, Mexico ABV 4.60%
Budweiser $3.99
Williamsburg, VA ABV 4.5%
Miller Lite $3.99
Chicago, IL ABV 4.2%
Raging Bitch IPA $6.99
Flying Dog, Frederick, MD, ABV 8.3%

Brunch Cocktails

Bloody Mary $7
house made mix with a touch of spice tito's $3 | ketel one $5 | belvedere $10
The Brunch Boozez $10
double sized mimosa served in a mason jar with choice of juice, featuring Infinite monkey champagne $2 refills served in a coupe
Peach Bellini $8
prosecco, peach syrup, and peach schnapps
Caseys Mimosa $6
served in a coupe with your choice of juice

Non Alcoholic

Caseys Dreamsicle $7
fresh orange juice, passion fruit syrup, honey simple, lime, cream
Temperance Grapefruit Collins $7
fresh grapefruit, lime, simple syrup, soda water

Craft Cocktails

Raspberry Mule $12
new amsterdam vodka, raspberry syrup, lime, and ginger beer
Pineapple Mojito $12
castillo white rum, fresh pineapple, sugar syrup, and mint
Old Fashionable $12
makers mark, house chai and brown sugar syrup, bitters
Espresso Martini $12
vodka, creme de cacao, Julius Meinl espresso
Pumpkin Spice Espresso Martini $12
vodka, creme de cacao, our pumpkin syrup, Julius Meinl espresso
Red Delicious $12
applejack, aged rum, lime, raspberry syrup
Paloma $12
tequila, grapefruit, lime, bubbles